Stitching Horse

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This stitching horse is taken from a design from the 1800’s. I have crafted this horse as close to the original design as possible.

The stitching horse is designed to securely hold two pieces of leather in place, thus freeing both hands for the sewing or stitching process. The stitching horse is not only a functional tool but a great conversation piece. The stitching horse will also enhance the décor of a rustic or log home.

This horse has been built out of Oregon hardwoods whenever possible. Using hardwoods assures durability and generations of enjoyment.

This product can be adapted for left-handed users by switching the lean of the clamp or can be installed with a vertical clamp.


The footprint of the stitching horse (outer most points of the legs) measures eighteen inches by twenty six inches.

The seat is twenty four inches off the floor and measures 10 and one half by twenty six inches at its widest points.

The clamping device is sixteen and one half inches above the seat and is five inches wide.

The clamp is activated by a leather strap attached to the clamp and a lever that locks into a metal receiver.

Wood selection and finishes can be varied as per request.

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